more rainbows and unicorns (cookies and decorations)

UPDATE: The unicorn cookie cutter. Just remembered where I got it. The $1 bins of cutters at Sur la Table, also available online HERE.

Just to drag out the party experience even further… below is some more info on the cookies and decorations from my 4-year old’s rainbow birthday party.

unicorn and rainbow
It is pretty much a given I will, nay, need to have cookies at any event I host. For favors, I made unicorn cookies on a stick. I also served little rainbows. I have no idea where I got the unicorn cutter, I just found it in my collection. I used a 2-inch circle cookie cutter for the rainbows. I used my sugar cookie dough, cut out the cookies, put the unicorns on a stick, baked the cookies according to the recipe, and decorated them using my royal icing. I let the cookies dry overnight. I wrapped the unicorns in cellophane favor bags, and then used a rainbow of ribbon colors to tie them. I propped them in a Stryofoam block wrapped in tissue paper. I just displayed the rainbows on a platter to serve at the party. As always, I used my Americolor soft gel pastes and a few supplies (disposable decorating bags, couplers, size “2,” “3” and “4” tips, and rubber bands to tie the bags closed).


Almost every decoration I made with supplies I already had.
tissue paper pom poms
I used Martha’s instructions for tissue paper pom poms. I lack Martha’s finesse, so my first go resulted in a huge, misshapen, sort of comical fluff of pink. I changed the instructions a bit. I cut the tissue paper in half for smaller pom poms. To make the puffing easier, I used only 4 to 5 sheets of tissue, not 8, and after folding the accordion, I cut little slits at the tip and bottom at the middle of the strip before wrapping with the florist wire. For the rainbow pom poms, instead of 5 sheets of the same color, I stacked one sheet each of the rainbow colors.
For the garland on the fireplace, I just strung up strands of ribbon in rainbow colors. Done and done. Easy. For the garland on the staircase and on the front porch, I went to Martha again. I used her circle all over the page punch, punched a couple little holes on the circle, and threaded it with ribbon.

And I’m pretty sure we all know how to make the classic chain garland. My daughter and I cut out strips of paper and just glued the ends with a glue stick.

I also made crowns for the girls (there were only three kids, my daughter and her two cousins, so this wasn’t a huge feat) from pieces of that foam paper you find in the kid’s section of the craft store. It was too short to fit around a head, so I cut slits and threaded the back with ribbon.

up next…

the cake and the cupcakes


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  1. Chic Cookies says

    In addition to the scores of kitty stuffed animals she has, she carries around a stuffed unicorn. I love that she loves those!

  2. Dawn Peterson-Smith says

    These are the COOLEST unicorn cookies I've ever seen! Having the rainbow is a bonus! What creativity! I look forward to using your idea in the future, maybe for my unborn granddaughter's 1st birthday!

  3. the decorated cookie says

    Thank you Dawn! And now I'm testing out commenting since I just figured out how to change my profile in blogspot to actual reflect who I am (that's also me, Chic Cookies, up there). I'm rolling my eyes at myself now for my techno-cluelessness.

  4. Sue says

    Meaghan, I am in love with your unicorn cookie pops! I've never even had a "thing" for unicorns, but your pops are just so cute! Looks like a fun rainbow party!

  5. spcookiequeen says

    These are so adorable, I'm going to try and make them for my nieces. They just love unicorns. I will have to practice my piping though, yours are so good.

  6. Butter Hearts Sugar says

    Amazing cookies! The unicorns are awesome and who doesn't love rainbows. I love all your decorations too especially the rainbow paper pompoms.

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