rainbow striped marshmallow pops and a Cake Pop Stand and Straws GIVEAWAY!!

rainbow marshmallow pops

UPDATE: Congratulations to Rebecca! Her comment was drawn by random.org to win the cake pop stand and straws. Thank you to all for participating!

Finally, I actually have a giveaway for my Tuesday Giveaway Day. As you may know, I have a thing for putting treats on a stick. And sometimes pizza. And all this time I’ve just been jamming my pops in Styrofoam blocks. Silly me.

Janine of Sugarkissed.net also owns an online shop, CakePopStandCo.com where you can find made-to-order and custom cake pop stands. Or, in my case, cookie and marshmallow stands. They have stands with bling, multi-level stands, and even these crazy-cute single cake pop stands. You can customize the size and shape of your stand, the layout and the size of the holes to accommodate straws (which they also offer).

cake pop stand

I got my personalized stand along with rainbow straws. Recognize my logo on there? Pretty cool, yes?


cake pop stand


So I made some rainbow striped marshmallow pops to match the straws.

rainbow marshmallow pops


Do you want a chance to win a flower cake pop stand and some straws to make pops? Scroll to the end for the Cake Pop Stand Co. GIVEAWAY.



rainbow marshmallow pops


how to make sparkly rainbow striped marshmallow pops

You will need:

lollipop sticks or paper straws
sprinkles in a rainbow of colors (find at the craft store)
cake pop stand

wm_stand_giveaway_final (2)

To make sparkly rainbow striped marshmallow pops, just use my standard how-to method for sparkly marshmallow pops. (And remember, you can also substitute vodka!) Only for stripes, just dip half a side at a time.

Fill a shallow dish with 1/2-inch of water. Hold the top of a marshmallow and dip the lower half.



Hold the marshmallow over a plate and immediately coat the wet end with sprinkles in one color. Shake off excess. Let dry a bit.



Skewer the sprinkled end of the marshmallow with a straw or lollipop stick. Carefully dip just the top half of the marshmallow in the water.



Coat with another color of sprinkles. Prop in the cake pop stand to dry and serve.






For a chance to win the flower cake pop stand and pack of ‘peaches n’ cream’ straws, courtesy of CakePopStandCo



Leave a comment here before Monday, August 11, midnight EST.

Winner chosen randomly.

Winner has 48 hours to respond when notified before another winner is drawn.

Ships to US address only.

Winner receives the flower cake pop stand and the straws. (Marshmallow pops NOT included.)

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED but you can still get the discount on straws (see below) until December 31st, 2014.


But wait, there’s MORE:

Now through December 31st, you can get both the “Rainbow Stripes” straws and “Peaches n’ Cream” straws for $3 a pack by using coupon code DECORATEDSTRAWS.


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  1. Mrs. Schmid says

    Cute marshmallows! Fun for a last day of summer snack for my little ones before school starts. Love the stand and straws!

  2. says

    Wow, that is so creative! Never thought of dipping into water, love it! Speaking of love, Cake pop stand co. is the best, they have a great selection of straws that everyone will love.

  3. Jeanne F. says

    Luv your ideas for the marshmallows…always looking for fun and easy treats for the kids…and of course the straws and cakepop stand are pretty awesome too :)

  4. says

    Tell me how you come up with all these creative ideas? It’s got to be inate. Because I don’t have an oz in my whole body.
    Thanks to your blog ideas and your book looks like it might have been my great grandmothers. It’s actually my go to for cookies or cute cleaver ideas to wow my friends!!
    Love the stand and the straws. I’ve aways
    used pop sticks are the straws sturdy enough for cake pop and cookies??

  5. says

    Oh so pretty and I’m sure tasty to boot! I will definitely be trying to get a few of those personalised Pop Stands, very cool. Cheers, Shayne :)

  6. says

    Cute idea…love the color with the striped straws.
    I think you shook “sugar” not “sprinkles”. Sprinkles are like little long and narrow, we used to call them “jimmies”…they were put on ice cream cones decades ago.

  7. Melissa Davis says

    The custom cake pop stand is a beautiful touch to display your work. Janine is awesome to work with as well.

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