how to draw on food: hot cocoa stirrers

Another one in the category of super-easy-last-minute. And a great li’l gift idea, too, packaged with a mug and hot cocoa.

how to make hot cocoa stirrers

you will need:

candy canes
edible writers*

*I prefer Americolor Gourmet Writers or FooDoodlers Fine Line pens. Buying the sets is best, but you will only need blue, brown, black and red.

step one: skewer your marshmallow
Break off the hook part of the candy cane and stab the marshmallow with the broken end. You can make a hole first with a skewer or toothpick if you like.

step two: draw your designs
Follow the instructions below to draw the designs. Or, make your own. A snowman face would also be cute. Or write “dunk me.”


how to draw a snowflake:
1. with a blue pen, draw and “X”
2. draw a line through the “X”
3. add “V”s and dots to the spokes as desired

how to draw a cup of cocoa:
1. draw and fill a brown oval
2. outline a black circle around the oval, leaving some white space at the top
3. draw the rest of the mug
4. draw the handle (two backwards “C”s)
5. draw the steam (curlycues)

how to draw brr:
1. um, write “brr” with red

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  1. Laura says

    That is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! So artistic and yet you make it look so easy!! I have to try this!

  2. Anonymous says

    These crack me up! What fun! Thanks for sharing … good timing too because we just got a little snow in PA!!

  3. Betsy at Zen-Mama says

    This is so cute. My question is what if you want to make one so that children can eat it? Are they edible pens? Let me know!

  4. Catalina says

    Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing. I wonder if my local Hobby Lobby carries the pens – they should. They have a huge isle of cake stuff.

  5. Chic Cookies says

    You are all the coolest!! Thank you CraftCrave! Catalina, craft stores will likely have food coloring pens, probably the Wilton FoodWriters. The ones I use (Americolor of FooDoodler) you can get at amazon or other shops online.

  6. Damaris @Kitchen Corners says

    I love your marshmallow art. I remember seing it for the first time a maybe a year ago. This is such a good idea. I love to use candy canes as lollipop sticks. I made some caramel popcorn balls and put a candy cane stick and have myself a lollipop.

  7. Marge Burton says

    Last year there seemed to be more designs for xmas to put on marhmellows. I remember a deer or moose and a couple of words. I need those is there some way to get them? Thanks

    • meaghanmountford says

      Hi Marge, Hmm, I didn’t have those last year. But that’s a great idea for a new post! If I get a chance, I’ll try and get something new up on the blog! Thanks so much!

  8. Melonie says

    This is a really cute idea. I think I would leave the hook on the top of the candy cane though. Then you could hook the cane over the edge of your mug.

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