blast from the past… cookie watermelons


A quick one today, because these are already been-there-done-that. I made some cookie watermelons three years ago, but in some last minute cookie decorating madness Tuesday night I popped these out for the Washington DC TV-viewing area. Wednesday morning on a brief appearance on a station here in DC, WUSA channel 9, I presented a few ideas for decorating sweets for the 4th of July and all summer long, including these.



Just in case you were curious, I also had some red, white and blue sparkly marshmallow pops, my Poppin’ Rockin’ marshmallow pops, my sparkly starfish cookies, and some cupcakes painted to red gingham with a li’l ant on top. Dang, I forgot to snap a picture of those. Maybe I’ll make some more for ya’.


to decorate watermelon cookies, click HERE for the how-tos

(No watermelon cookie cutter necessary, just cut a 3-inch circle in half!

And note in my mad rush to get these done last minute, I didn’t even mess with flooding, I just piped everything.)




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