gold star cookie jars AND a back to school bake-off from Sprinkles and Grins

Anybody remember that Staples commercial not too many years ago? The Christmas carol, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” plays as a man skips gleefully through the aisles of the store. Behind him, we see (presumably) his two kids trudging through the aisles of the store, miserable. Back to school supplies shopping. Now that I’m not one of those kids, but the parent of one of those kids, I fully appreciate that commercial. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year when I can be free of, I mean, send my darling back to school. Oh, we’ve had a fun summer together, and as baby X is arriving soon, I’m glad we had so many days together to do so many things. So. Very. Many. Days. But as summer winds down, I’m going crazier and we are becoming more and more boring, and I just can’t bear another episode of My Little Pony (or seeing her brain whither away because I’m too exhausted to inspire her in other ways).  So I welcome you, school, with open arms.



I quickly hopped on board the Back to School Bake-Off, hosted by Sprinkles & Grins with Best Friends for Frosting. I got a box filled with more goodness than you can imagine to inspire a fun back-to-school treat. (I found icing and sprinkles and gems, oh my!) Check out all the Sprinkles & Grins products HERE. You must see what all of the clever bloggers did with their boxes. Flashcard cupcakes, lunch note treats, snack pops, cake pops, hand pies, oh my again!


And you, too, can enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of dessert decorating products from Sprinkles & Grins!  The contest runs from September 4th to the 27th, so I’ll be sure to remind you when it starts. Just enter a recipe and photo for cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, cereal treats or cookies using at least one Sprinkles & Grins/Signature Brands product and you could be swimming in sprinkles and icing and frosting. For contest details CLICK HERE.


These bite-size gold star cookie jars are super duper easy to make. I used Betty Crocker’s sugar cookie mix and cut out all the tiny stars. Then I decorated them with Betty Crocker’s White Decorating Cookie Icing and Cake Mate Glitter Gold Cupcake Gems. Once they dried, I packaged them in mason jars, adding notes from this free back to school printable I made so it’s clear that they are meant as a reward for a job well done.


For full how-tos to make the gold star cookie jars, CLICK HERE.



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  1. says

    Great ideas here. Thanks for sharing. I for one can not wait for the first day of school. Still deciding what treat I will bake for my kids when they return home that day.

  2. casper says

    bookmarking this yummy looking food page.
    lmao at the cookie far if they do there homework. it needs a lock on it so the teenagers dont steel the hole jar.

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