hello, marshmallows, what’s up? (how to stamp marshmallows)


Oh hello there. How are ya’? What’s up? I found these cute-as-can-be mini stamps at a little shop in Charlottesville, VA when my daughter and I visited my husband there during his Reserves duty this summer. They are only about 1-inch square. As one who hasn’t the faintest clue how to scrapbook or make my own cards, naturally, I see stamps and I think food instead.



While I have lots on stamping on fondant and royal icing and cupcakes and cookies in Sugarlicious, I avoided using my technique to stamp on marshmallows. Marshmallows are funny things. They are squishy, so the stamp keeps going when you press against it, and you end up with getting more marks than just the raised design. And they are small, so you are limited by finds such as these teeny tiny stamps. And unless you stamp on the flat top or bottom of the marshmallow, they are cylindrical, so you don’t get a nice flat surface. Which means there’s a bit of careful manipulation involved. In short, you can use the same method I wax on about in Sugarlicious for marshmallows, it’s just a tiny bit more tedious.



how to stamp on marshmallows


you will need:*


small rubber stamp

food coloring pens

lollipop sticks or straws (optional)


*It helps if the marshmallows sit out a tiny bit so they aren’t super squishy, but use your judgement to save the taste! Find rubber stamps in the craft store or specialty stores. Make sure they aren’t bigger than a square inch to fit comfortably on the marshmallow. For the food coloring pens, I just used the Wilton FoodWriters, found in the craft store. They have nice big, fat tips.


step one: prepare your stamp

Use the FoodWriter to draw on the raised part of the stamp. And ONLY the raised part. This is the tedious part. I just used the side of the marker, and made quick, short strokes. Because the marshmallows are squishy, any marks on the stamp background will land on the marshmallow, too, so that’s why you need to be careful to only mark the raised part.


step two: stamp your marshmallow

This part is easy. Just gently press the stamp on the side of the marshmallow. I flattened the marshmallow a bit with my palm first before quickly stamping.


step three: add the flair

To store, place in a single layer on a piece of parchment or wax paper in a large, shallow Tupperware container and seal. If desired, add a lollipop stick or straw before serving.



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  1. robin says

    This is a cute idea that I have seen before, but is it true that you can’t use regular rubber stamps because it has chemicals in it and a food stamp must be purchased to use on food? Where can you buy special made stamps for food? I would like to try this. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

    • meaghanmountford says

      Hi Robin,
      Great point, and it’s always a concern when using materials not meant for food with food. I wash my stamps in soapy water before use, and because I stamp so rarely, and because the amount of stamp that touches the food is so infinitesimal, I am not concerned (foolishly or not). But if you are, there are many sellers on etsy that make their own rubber stamps, so that may be a way to go, if only because you can converse directly with the seller to learn what materials are used. Hope this helps!

  2. says

    First, I have to say that I lOVE the fact that you have a whole section of this blog that is dedicated to marshmallows!
    These are so cute and easy. I would love to have you add this to a collective link party I co-host, Eat Make Grow: http://www.hideousdreadfulstinky.com/2012/08/eat-make-grow-thursday-5.html
    I host along with two other bloggers, so one link shows up on all three blogs, and we feature a couple of bloggers each week. We’re always looking for great content like this! Hope to see you over there.

  3. says

    oh my gosh these are adorable!!! I can just picture one of those huge black cauldrons from Halloweentime…filled with these marshmallows printed with all the magic 8 ball sayings!!!!! If you didn’t like your answer you could just eat it and grab another one!!! These are brilliant!

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