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Tag Archives: DIY

DIY horse lovers Valentine’s Day cards for the kids AND a free printable

OK, fellow moms at my daughter’s elementary school, I’m stepping up my game. This year, I am not running to Giant on February 13th to dig through the Valentine’s Day card spoils no kid wants. I spent SEVEN, yes, SEVEN dollars on this year’s Valentines. That’s double what I spent last year. Oh, but I […]

Wednesday Roundup: 12 crafts from the tooth fairy

We have entered a new age in our home. The age of wiggly teeth. Yes. My daughter, weeks shy of her sixth birthday, lost her first tooth. To add even more excitement to the event, we were in Florida. A couple of weeks ago, while my husband was away for Reserves duty, I took the […]

Wednesday Roundup: 36 crazy awesome DIY kitchen crafts

Kitchenware, tableware, some partyware… All the wares. Utensils, placemats, dishes, stuff to decorate tables for parties. That’s what this roundup is, but all DIY. You know, because you folks are so clever and crafty and have lots of free time. (Maybe not that last part.) If you had all day with nothing to do, no […]

Wednesday Roundup: 22 clever things you can make with paper plates

I truly didn’t know that paper plates made such a great canvas for such creativity until I started searching for paper plate crafts. Paper plates abound in the summertime, and I’m always looking for something to keep my kiddo busy. But these gems are pretty grown-up friendly, too. I spotted these chickens at MollyMoo, and […]

Father’s Day Idea: DIY Beer Art by My Kid

My husband loves beer. Craft beers, cheap beers, not cheap beers, bottled beers, canned beers, domestic beers, imported beers, even brewing beer, anything beer. So what better Father’s Day gift from my daughter than beer? But she’s only five. Even if she could get a fake ID, she can’t drive and has no money or […]