gobble gobble your turkey dinner

A twist on the standard turkey and pumpkin cookies: turkey legs and pumpkin pie.

you will need:

5 disposable frosting bags
5 couplers
5 decorating tips (sizes 3 and 4)
5 rubber bands
brown, black, orange and white food coloring (I use Americolor soft gel pastes)
oval cookie cutter
sharp knife
step one: cut out your shapes
For the turkey legs, I used an oval cutter and pinched in the sides at the bottom. I cut out the pie shape by hand using a sharp knife (see pictures for a guide). Bake according to recipe and let cool.

step two: prepare frosting
For the turkey leg, you will need black, white and brown frosting colors. Prepare a bag of each, using a 3 tip for the black and 4 tips for white and brown. Tie each bag closed with a rubber band. For the pie, you will need light brown, pumpkin pie color (mix a couple drops of brown in with a few drops of orange) and white (optional). Prepare a bag of each, using a 4 tip for the light brown, a 3 tip for the pumpkin pie color and a 3 tip for the white. Tie bags closed with rubber bands.

step three: decorate the turkey legs
Outline the turkey shape with the black 3 tip. Let set about 15 minutes. Fill in the top with the brown, piping back and forth to fill. Fill the bone with white.
step four: decorate the pie
outline the pie with the orangey color using a 3 tip. Let set well. Outline and pipe to fill the crust using the light brown frosting. Squeeze some of the orangey color into a bowl and add water (one drop at a time) to thin to the consistency of glue. Use a spoon to pour onto the cookie to fill the pie area. Let set well, about an hour. (TIP: If the pumpkin pie line gets covered by the flooding icing, you can pipe another line on top to define it.) Optional: when set, pipe some white on top for whipped cream.

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