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Hmmm, aside from the sticks and flower part, you might not know this is my blog because these are actually healthy. Wow, go me for a change. Just yogurt, fruit and a li’l bit o’ sweetener. That’s it! And looking back at it all (since I made this post months ago, believe it or not, but it didn’t feel right to post until the weather got warm), I guess I could’ve made things much easier and just used yogurt straight from the carton. (See?)  Ah well, next time.


Instead, I got all crazy and pulled out the blender.




to make frozen yogurt pops


you will need: *

1 cup  frozen fruit (blueberry and strawberry used here) plus additional for garnish

1 cup plain yogurt

1 to 2 tablespoons honey

lollipop sticks

disposable decorating bags

rubber bands

baking tray

wax paper


*Find the lollipop sticks and decorating bags in the craft store.


what to do:

Place the yogurt, fruit and honey in a blender and blend well. Make sure the mixture is not too thin or you will have difficulty piping the lollipops. Add more yogurt as needed to thicken.


Empty the contents into a disposable decorating bag (you may need to refill the bag once). Tie closed tightly with a rubber band.


Line a baking tray with a sheet of wax paper. Lay a lollipop stick on the baking sheet. Snip ½-inch from the tip of the decorating bag. Pipe a 2-inch circle of the mixture on the lollipop stick. Fill the rest of the tray and place in the freezer.


If desired, after the lollipops have set about 5 minutes, remove from the freezer and decorate with blueberry halves or strawberry slivers. Return to the freezer.


Let set in the freezer at least two hours. Makes 18 lollipops. Enjoy!



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