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Tag Archives: healthy

Just for Kix: Reindeer feed snacks and free printable

Hungry? Kids whining for snacks? Give ‘em what Rudolph eats. My latest for Kix:   Find the how-tos for Reindeer Feed Snacks for kids with FREE Printable HERE at Kix Cereal. Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE […]

Just for Kix: Veggie Monsters!

Attack of the vegetables! For as crazy picky as my kid is, I consider myself lucky she likes vegetables. Now, mind you, that means broccoli steamed in the microwave for 4 1/2 minutes, Brussels Sprouts of a particular brand, also steamed, carrots raw only, snap peas NOT snow peas, and cucumbers peeled just so. But […]

Just for Kix: roasting pumpkin seeds and Kix-pumpkin seed trail mix

As a former nerd of academia, I liked this particular post for Kix Cereal. I got to do research on roasting pumpkin seeds. Do you soak your pumpkin seeds overnight before roasting? I never had. So I tried them both ways, this time. Find the how-tos for roasting pumpkin seeds, loads of seasoning-combo ideas, and […]

easy, two-ingredient, good-for-you cookie pops

Easy? Yes. Two-ingredient? Yes, to start. Plus add-ins. So more than two. Good for you? Definitely. Pops? There are sticks. Cookies? Well, cookie-like anyway. I think these are called cookies for lack of a better word that means not-really-a-cookie (I mean, who are we trying to kid here? Cookies have flour and sugar and eggs […]

(mostly) healthy, oat n’ trail mix cookies

Not too long ago made these trail mix oat bites, derived from a recipe for granola bars at Smitten Kitchen. Well, I wasn’t done with them yet. I have yet another version adapted from my adaptation. This time, I turned them into cookies. Pretty gosh darn healthy cookies, too, so I don’t know that they […]