fuzzy bunny tail cookie pops


I had to be pretty specific in the title because I’m not so sure what these are supposed to be is obvious. These are basically the Easter equivalent of my Valentine’s Day warm and fuzzy cotton candy heart cookie pops. I have the same concerns as I did for those: Fuzzy and cute? Or strange and sort of gross?



I found a bag of this Charms cotton candy fluffy stuff cotton tails, and well, these pops just had to be made. Though when I opened the bag, the cotton candy was not in those cute little balls of fuzz as pictured on the bag. Rather the whole lot was blended into one big mass.  Worked the same, though, I think.


To make these, follow the same exact instructions as for the heart pops, but use a circle cutter instead. I also just used white icing as the background, not pink, but you can use any pastel color. And the same warning applies here: The icing will start to dissolve the cotton candy, so serve these the same day you make them!! Do not let them sit overnight, or the cotton candy will look even odder the next day.


So hippity hop to it, little fuzzy tails, and go find Peter Cottontail’s butt.


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