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Author Archives: meaghanmountford

saying goodbye to a beloved pet

I have no new post for you today, as last week we had to say good-bye to our beloved cat, Lyra (the boy cat with a girl’s name, which has caused endless gender confusion over the years). I found Lyra, named for the strong, determined, and clever main character of my favorite book, The Golden Compass, on […]

homemade funnel cakes made EASY

My daughter is now a big fan off funnel cakes. In that, she tried them once and said she’s a big fan. She doesn’t try new foods often (or ever, really), but she is slightly more flexible with her self-imposed rule when it comes to dessert. And now she wants to make funnel cake, which […]

Craft Book Review: Paper Fun Mania, Button Mania and Star Wars Mania

Love crafts? Got kids? Then you need to get on board the mania craze with my friend Amanda Formaro‘s books. I have Duct Tape Mania. I have Rubber Band Mania. Now I have her three latest: Paper Fun Mania Button Mania Star Wars Mania (awesome, right?) Each book has over 40 crafts and activites and […]

EASY watermelon pops for summer

So these are simply balls of watermelon on lollipop sticks. That’s it. Hence, the term “easy.” But when you paint the sticks to look like watermelon rind, it looks so much fancier, right? Party-worthy fancy. Pinterest-worthy fancy? I could use the traffic, so I hope so. Hint, hint. You know how I love Americolor and […]

granola bar ice cream sandwiches for Tablespoon

It’s summer. The season of ice cream sandwiches. Have you had one yet? If not, you can easily make your own. Plus, by using granola bars for the cookie part you feel extra super healthy. And you get all kinds of extra super energy. So there is no reason NOT to make these. Make granola […]