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Author Archives: meaghanmountford

lemon herb shortbread cookies for Tablespoon

While I’m all about silly, fun food here, I’ve been moving out of my comfort zone a lot in the last year. Instead of baking, I’m–gasp–cooking a lot more. With fresh vegetables and herbs and oils and whatnot. So in this vein of experimenting with fresh ingredients, I’ve been wanting to try baking with herbs […]

5 ways to make cookie decorating EASIER!

I’ve been decorating cookies since 1998. The first ten of those years at a shop for 8-plus hours a day. As a result of all that practice, atĀ home, I can whip them out relatively quickly. Relatively. The whole process of making dough, chilling it, rolling it out, cutting it out, baking it, making icing, coloring […]

pizza ring for Tablespoon

Pizza’s awesome and all, but pizza shaped into a ring is even awesomer. I mean, it’s pizza. It’s bread. It’s shaped like a ring. Hello, party. Make a pizza ring HERE at Tablespoon.Ā    Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you […]

dark chocolate fruit and nut power pops

  Admittedly, this is a dessert blog. I can’t hide that fact behind my name. But contrary to popular belief (and by “popular,” I mean all my kid’s friends who think I just throw cookies at anyone that enters our house), it’s not all sugar all the time for me. I eat lots of green […]

Yummly anyone?

  Just when I thought I caught up with social media (oh who am I kidding, I’ll never catch up), I realize I’m missing a whole new cool way to share stuff. Yummly. Are you on Yummly? I’m going to start building some food collections over there, so come join me! Hopefully my page will […]