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Author Archives: meaghanmountford

Earth Day treats to make

  Earth Day is Wednesday April 22nd… how will you celebrate? Here are some earthy treats from the archives.       garden cookies     rainbow Earth Day marshmallow pops Earth Day marshmallows       Earth Day cookies         Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs and text […]

mix and match soup for Tablespoon

Think you can’t make homemade soup? Of course you can. This may be one of my favorite posts created for Tablespoon, because it’s so easy to make and so very versatile: A soup base recipe with tons of mix and match options for add-ins so you can personalize your own soup. Sausage, white bean and kale? One […]

Wednesday Links: My favorite (fantasy) books of late

So yeah. I read teenage fantasy novels. Voraciously. And I’m proud of this. I studied and read and researched and wrote for years. I have an MFA in Literature and read and researched and wrote and read some more to get it. I have an MLA in Liberal Arts and studied literature at Oxford for a summer. I […]

bite-size fruit and veggie cookies

You know, for health nuts who eat fruits and veggies. These are almost exactly the same thing. Almost. But not really, huh? Still, I’m proud to say that while I won’t ever give up my wine and cheese and crackers, despite the content of my blog, I eat a good share of fruits and vegetables. […]

jam-filled bunny pops for Pillsbury

Please make these for Easter because they are easy, taste awesome and look crazy cute, right? I filled these with strawberry jam, but you can put anything you like in there (even Nutella). Find the how-tos to make crescent roll bunny pops HERE at Pillsbury. Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs and […]